Gasoline, Diesel and Racing Fuel

We have direct gasoline and diesel supply contracts with all of the major refiners operating in Colorado, New Mexico and Utah, as well as most of the major fuel brokers. We use this network to find your fuel at the lowest cost available.
Parish Oil is also the official Western Slope Sunoco racing fuel distributor. You will find Sunoco racing fuel at all Western Colorado Dragway racing events. We can also supply wholesale racing fuel direct to your storage tank.
We can deliver any fuel quantity, large or small, using our fleet of transports, tank wagons, flat beds and pickups.
We offer supply contracts, where we guarantee product availablity, as well as bids on request for our best laid-in spot price.
Please let us know if you are interested in setting up an account with us.
Diesel Products
#2 Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD)
#2 Winter Blend ULSD (additized)
#2 Dyed ULSD
ULS 2% Biodiesel
ULS 5% Biodiesel
ULS 10% Biodiesel
ULS 20% Biodiesel
ULS 5% Biodiesel Winter and #1
ULS 10% Biodiesel Winter and #1
ULS 20% Biodiesel Winter and #1
ULSD #1 
ULSD #1 Dyed
Gasoline Products
Clear 10% Ethanol Oxy Gas
Clear Gas

Sunoco Racing Fuel